A Living Universe…

                                                      …Is within a mindal state of utter stillness. Perfect and unfathomable. There is no name for self, not even God, which is a Human Being’s reference only. No form of being, just is.   Designated authority one step below this, is same self, individualised and still not of form, but moves in mind projecting energy.

A potential was selected from many; a viable state of form, for self. The potential still exists and will always be, “Open-Ended”.  Based on mathematics and sacred, expressed with will, to seed life of self into form. Self eventuated, spiritual and unique with distinct personalities – none alike. The blue print for this form is essentially, a spiritual light form, and from which the Human Body developed from; encased within it, multi-dimensional. In this, our minds set up and with time effect the state of our physical, emotional and mental health and well being. This spiritual light form is separate from the physical aura.

The next created level below, is a virtual state of infinite possibilities, still mindal and unlimited. Accepted the mathematical potential entirely and will eventually, even eternally manage it. Thus the maths as calculus and geometry, moved as virtual power, to energise forever, a created arena to evolve and thus, the void – The First Stage, also unlimited.

Next level down is, an area of mathematical limit – Space. Empowered from virtual authority, hence laws of physics too. So Space began to spin on an axis, with a limited amount of energy to do so, each cycle. There is then, one large electromagnetic field encompassing space.

The potential mathematically balances required energy, down through each dimension of creation. Maths expressed again, a cyclic requirement of matter and life. So an octave of cycles is now in motion. Pattern results from end of each cycle, of any developments.

Twenty Sixth realm authority selects or discards what is a base blue print, to start of next cycle. There is no embracing formula of creation, but an all permeating presence of mind. Creation is therefore, alive. An example, is inert matter at molecular level is aware of any cognitive mind, observing it. Also a paired particle on other side of creation, is instantly aware of physical or energetic force applied, to it’s mate. Speed of light is too slow; only mind connecting is instant.

The Authority at the Twenty Sixth level empowers sequentially, down through all realms. The base octave of dimensions, is the designated evolving arena, for individualised self, as Human Beings and in conjunction with, an evolving Cosmos – that has a right too – to qualify into a possible eternal state. Effort is essential and creative souls, collectively can achieve this, at end of eight cycle. This is done by up-rating the spiritual vibration frequency and to evolve it, as of now..

Ninety nine per cent plus of Planet Earth’s masses, actually believe they are awake. Still live daily lives, from their ego reference. That is the “Fall”, the meaning of Eve giving Adam the Apple.

Original, artful ideas and concepts imagined, inspired by unique personalities have a right of passage, into how the universe evolves. A universal law requires such thinking, must be “expressed” through the Human Temple, into creation to qualify; to continue to just think, remains a thought.

The potential is open minded and souls incarnated, are entrusted with free-will to create and that, is love expressing. 

 One single all encompassing, explanation of creation – is a sacred living mind.

 “That”, I AM.                                                                                              


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“Third Testament” by Thomas A. Rees


    1. Hi dad,
      Hope all is well. What are your thoughts about this coming september 23th, 24th or 25th regarding and meteor heading close enough to affect earths magnetic field. Have you had any visions from your meditation.

      Your Son


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